• Betty Kyallo's daughter with TV journalist Dennis Okari has turned 8 years today.

• The two parents co-parents and during her 6th birthday, Okari attended her birthday party.

Betty Kyallo with her daughter Ivanna
Betty Kyallo with her daughter Ivanna
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Media personality, Betty Kyallo, is celebrating her daughter Ivanna. Ivanna turned 8 years today and Betty shared a sweet message to mark her daughter's big day.

In a series of videos, the mother of one said she felt emotional seeing her daughter turn eight years old. On her Instagram page, Betty wished Ivanna a happy birthday promising to throw her a big party.

"My dear daughter Ivanna. Happy 8th birthday. You bring so much joy and happiness to our lives. You are a blessing.

You are oh so loved by me, all your family but how wonderful it is you are my God's favourite. I Love you, sweetheart.

You are destined for everything that's great! I'm here to watch you shine every day. You're gonna have the biggest party because you deserve it."

Betty's sisters also wished Ivanna a happy birthday promising to be by her side always.

Gloria wrote;

"Dear Baby! I love you more than words can say and more than you’ll ever know. Own this world! Love this life! Be great! Make mistakes! I’ll be with you every step of the way Princess."

Mercy Kyallo wrote;

"Ivanna my baby ❤️❤️ I've literally watched you grow to be the sweetest human being. I love being your aunt, you are such a blessing in our lives. Happy Birthday sweet girl!"

Ivanna is Betty Kyallo's daughter with TV journalist Dennis Okari.

The two parents are co-parents and on her 6th birthday, Okari even attended her birthday party.

Dennis and his ex-wife Betty Kyallo spent time together as they took part in their daughter’s birthday party.

The two had not been photographed in the same vicinity since their split close to years ago. Speaking in a past interview, Betty said co-parenting was working out.

"I think we are a good team. I don’t know why people think it’s not easy. For us, we decided to make it easy because Ivanna is innocent and deserves a complete relationship with both her dad and mom, and that is what we’ve always tried to give her."

When asked how her daughter is faring in terms of education and life, Betty heaped praise on her with confidence that she is an upcoming icon with unmatched abilities.

"Ivanna is doing fantastic. She went through the most and she is stronger. She is dynamite, she is going to be bigger than me and Dennis combined, plus some more. She went through a rough time when she was sick, but right now she is doing great in school. She has good social skills and I am really proud of her."

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