• Size 8 has said she was submissive so she could save her marriage.

• Dj Mo in a recent interview agreed with her, praising his wife.

DJ Mo shows up for Size 8's ordination into ministry as a pastor
DJ Mo shows up for Size 8's ordination into ministry as a pastor

Back in 2020, Dj Mo was on the record as sayinghe wants his wife Size 8 to be a submissive woman.

His sentiments came fromt he fact that the couple were always at loggerheads in their marriage.

According to the spinmaster, he is the head of the home and as such his wife should run decisions by him before acting on it.

For Fathers Day 2022, Dj Mo in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, praised his wife for being submissive.

"Let me tell you something; If a woman is submissive to you then you are doing the right thing so to all men it's a challenge to make sure that you treat her right and she will submit to you. Otherwise sioni issue mtu akikuwa submissive coz hata mimi I'm always there for her and I think it's every man's dream to have a woman that is submissive si ni ukweli?"


"So ziendelee tuu kama ni trolling kukuwa submissive endeleni coz ataziona sana so for that baby I love you so much endelea hivo hivo."

Last week, Size 8 said that she learned to become submissive to Dj Mo after learning that being loud and aggressive was hurting their union. Size 8 admitted that her now calm and gentle spirit had changed her marriage.

She defended herself by saying that's how she thought would counter her man's ego.

"I learnt that submission is not a weakness. And a gentle and a quiet spirit when my husband anaruka juu, you know how men sometimes are with their ego... but God told me that is Him to deal with him but you do your part."

Size 8 explained that being submissive in a relationship is not a weakness but helps keep your partner.

She noted that men have a high ego and therefore women should counter it by being gentle and submissive to them.

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