Tiktok star Cindy Kipsang
Tiktok star Cindy Kipsang
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Kenyan recording artist Sean Preezy just like a ton of other celebrities decided to take to his Instagram stories to engage with his fans.

Sean decided to make his QnA session a little interesting by using a link to an anonymous app where people could send him questions without revealing their identities.

Netizens as usual rose to the occasion to satisfy their curiosity.


One went straight to the point inquiring about Sean's relationship with former bff Shaq the Yungin.

"Do you get along with Shaq and do you plan on opening a YouTube channel with Cindy?" The question read.

To which Sean Preezy casually replied that he really did cut off his former bff.

He wrote, "I stopped hanging around people who weigh me down in any way."

On the YouTube channel, he did not disclose much but wrote, "loading..." hinting that it was something that was in the works and might happen soon.

A curious netizen wanted to know how their relationship was going and if the radio host saw a future with his current girlfriend.

The netizen posed the question, "will you marry Cindy or are you just enjoying your youth with her and afterwards you will marry someone else?"

Sean being the gentleman that he has constantly claimed and is well proven to be replied to the question without anger and with the cutest response, anyone would have envisioned.

He wrote, " in my life, I have rarely dated. This is because I look at dating as the beginning stage of marriage. Yes, I would like to one day marry her."

Okay Sean, go off with the cuteness.

To top it off when he was asked who his celebrity crush is, Sean melted us all by tagging his girlfriend TikTok star @cindyK003 accompanied with a love heart emoji.

On whether the 24-year-old was currently happy with his life and overall state Sean enthusiastically responded "very" with excited happy face emojis.

Sean however declined to reveal his life goals or future plans hinting that letting people in is not one of his best moves.

He revealed, " I keep my goals to myself and to the ones close to me. Because so many people want to see you fail."

He went on to add, " when nobody knows your expectations they can never laugh at the small things you achieve."

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