•Phoina unveiled her hunky brother at a family function

•The brothers beard and lightskin got girls bothered

Phoina beauty entrepreneur
phoina beauty Phoina beauty entrepreneur
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Amber Ray's bestie Phoina has unveiled her hunky brother.

Phoina unveiled him on Sunday, June 19, and girls immediately DM'd her to get his number.

Thirsty comments flooded her timeline and the amused beauty guru told girls to chill.

"Ako na mtu, I'm single and ready to mingle," read one female's response to her post.

Phoina revealed her brother while hanging out at a family event in ushago.

The boys- cousins- were barbequing goat meat

Phoina captioned the food, "Getting used to soft life."

Phoina then zoomed onto a man cutting tomatoes for kachumbari, saying it is her 'cute brother"

Another mafisilete told Phoina, she has booked him already and to "tell the girls".

A third told that she is hooked to his beard.

Makeup artiste Phoinas brother
Phoina tosha Makeup artiste Phoinas brother

Phoina did not divulge his name or even tag him online leaving mafisilets disappointed.

Phoina is a makeup artist turned beauty mogul who expanded her business this year

Phoina launched her cosmetic shop on Riara Road where she sells a variety of beauty products.

"It is in Riara road, Sebuleni center. I have always loved makeup since I was young. My mum used to love beauty. I was at one point suspended for doing makeup to other students," she said.

"I used to make my mom's hair and my granny's. I did mass Com and I wanted to be a TV host. After the internship, I did not want to do this. It was too much for me. Having to speak on air was stressful. I decide to do something that I loved."

Phoina added that most of her beauty knowledge came from YouTube.

'Even now, that is what I tell my student. It has taken me over 10 years. I did a lot of groundwork since I had a shop in town. I will document my story."

Phoina Tosha launched her make-up and skin-care line in March.

The event was attended by celebrities like; Amina Abdi (who was also the MC), Lady Risper and her husband, Milly Chebby, Jacky Vike, Reverend Lucy Natasha, aspiring Mathare MP, Bahati, Maureen Waititu, and Wabosha Maxine.

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