Celebs who were snubbed on Fathers day 2022

Their loved ones were nit ken to share tributes on Fathers day 2022

•The radio silence from their children or baby mama's got our attention

• Here is our list of dads snubbed on Sunday

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Diamond Platnumz shooting a music video
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Sunday, June 19, 2022, marked Father's Day worldwide. And what a day it was for men to be honoured for their role in children's lives.

Many got recognized but for others, it was radio silence.

Several male celebrities were snubbed by the baby mamas they share children with. 

Most of the names in this list have multiple baby mama and bad blood could very well be the reason.

Normally ongoing feuds and fallouts are very normal for all of us.

So here is our list of men snubbed on what should have been an important day:

1. Diamond Platnumz: The father of many did not get a nod from any of his three baby mama's. Not even Ugandan bae Zari who loves to brag about how they successfully co-parent. He also did not post anything about his children. It's business as usual.

Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna remained silent. They also did not even talk about their own fathers.

2. Frankie Just Gym It: Frankie has two baby mama and only one chose to recognize his role. Maureen Waititu took to her Instagram to praise the men in her life and added a picture of Frankie in the grid. His second baby mama Corazon has not shared a sweet message, despite also insisting they co-parent successfully.

3. Akothee

Singer -cum-author Akothee did not gush over any of her baby daddies, a happy father's day. 

She ignored them indicating in a hilarious message,"Some will only post their biological father 🤣🤣, things are tight, people don't own their real lives, people live in fear and denials, people are hiding Alot of things, people are dying slowly, take courage kama Akothee and EMBRACE YOUR LIFE. You will live a life free of baggage"

Akothee has five children with three baby daddies. While she has indicated she is on good terms with them, this time around they won't appear on her social media.

4. Eric Omondi

Media personality Jacque Maribe snubbed Eric Omondi, the father of her son Zahari.

The former Tv anchor ignored him possibly because Eric denied the boy. 

Speaking to Wasafi TV in February, Eric said he will soon be turning 40 and is yet to find a wife and is without a child.

“I tried to get a wife from my show ‘Wife Material’ but I failed. I am turning 40 years old, sina mtu, sina mtoto, sina bibi,” he said.

This confession was after he and his alleged baby mama went at it after she accused him of being a deadbeat father.

In retaliation, the comedian said on Instagram that he and Maribe used protection when they had carnal knowledge.

“I used protection with Jacque. She was having unprotected sex with her boyfriend so chances are higher that he could be the father,” the comedian told The Audit Show in November last year.

In his post, he stated that Maribe was at the time dating news reporter, Sam Ogina.

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