• An anxious Pascal Tokodi changed clothes three times while Ekirapa was in the theatre.

• Grace Ekirapa says seeing their newborn left Tokodi in tears.

Pascal Tokodi with Grace Ekirapa
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Grace Ekirapa has praised her husband Pascal Tokodi for being a hands-on dad to their newborn child, Jasmine.

The couple welcomed their first child months ago. She says her husband has been present in helping take care of the baby right from the time she was born.

"On this Father's Day, it gives me soo much joy to Celebrate My love @pascaltokodi, because it happens to be his First Father's Day. Every part of this video brings tears to my eyes.

He stood outside the theatre extremely anxious that between the minutes I was in there, he changed clothes three times.  He kept pacing outside the door peeping to see if the baby was already out. 

He cried tears of joy and for a moment he didn't find jokes or humour to cover his emotions, instead, he allowed himself to feel the joy as he heard his baby’s first cry."

Grace and Tokodi welcomed newborn daughter in april
grace ekirapa Grace and Tokodi welcomed newborn daughter in april

Ekirapa says she is proud of the man Tokodi has become not only as a husband but as a dad.

"Baby, I love the person you have become. Jasmine is blessed to call you Dad because I know you would lay down your life to protect her. 

I love how you love our baby, how you wake up in the night and feed her, change her diaper, sing for her till she sleeps again, you are her superhero and I will be here to tell her that when she is old enough to understand. 


In a recent interview with Mpasho, Pascal talked excitedly about how they were preparing for the baby and he couldn't wait for that moment.

Though he declined to comment or give hints on the baby's gender, Pascal revealed that they were readily doing all the necessary preparations as they waited for the baby's arrival.

He added that Grace has been invested in doing most of the preparations and the nursery in their house was already done and ready for the little one.

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