• Karen Nyamu wrote a fun and amusing about her two well-known baby daddies.

• Karen Nyamu has had drama with Samidoh in the past but it seems that time has healed all those wounds.

Karen Nyamu is undoubtedly one of the bravest celebs in Kenya who isn't afraid to ruffle some feathers with her attitude and the way she does things.

Today was no different as the mother of 3 decided to celebrate the two men who had fathered her kids.

In a cheeky and poignant Fathers Day message the politician appreciated her two baby daddies while also releasing never before seen photos of Dj Kevin and Samidoh playing with their children.

"Today is Father’s Day. And even though I'm not married (yet😜) my babies are lucky as can be to have the most loving, most generous, most unproblematic dads," she started.

Before hilariously wishing her baby daddies immense success so she could spend their resources holidaying in the Maldives.

"Thanks for loving my babies, and thanks for being there. You are appreciated, and what you do no one else can do. I pray that you be so successful and wealthy, so that Karen Nyamu ashindange Maldives “kupeleka watoto”😂😂Happy Father’s Day!"

Check out the post below;

Kenyans were quick to respond to the interesting post with some commenting on how the fathers resembled their kids.

Others wondered why Karen was stirring drama. Some of those replies are below;

nyokabichege😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Karen nyamu nilithani umekanyangia kwanza drama hadi Ruto awe prezoo

ciiranjeri Happy Father's day samidoh

christinethebusinessconsultant If honesty was a person....Our Karen Nyamu..

Some quick backstory for those who might not know. Karen got her first child, a daughter with Dj Kevin.

The two would later split up before Karen started covertly seeing Mugithi singer, Samidoh Muchoki. The two kept their affair undercover as the musician was already married.

But things came to a head in 2020 when Karen shared an Instagram video of Samidoh playing with her second-born, a son called Sam Junior.

Karen got her second daughter earlier this year with the prevailing rumour being that it was Samidohs child, something the two have not spoken about.

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