• Kalondu is a content creator and a digital writer with Mpasho.

• She also hosts an entertainment show on Y254 Alongside Ken Relbis.

Mpasho journalist Kalondu Musyimi
Mpasho journalist Kalondu Musyimi
Image: Courtesy

Mpasho content creator, Elizabeth Musyimi alias Kalondu, has opened up on the effect sexual harassment in the industry has had on her.

The outspoken host started working in the entertainment industry in 2016. Speaking during an interview with SPM Buzz she said she has lost opportunities for turning down sexual advances.

"Celebrities fear because they think I might expose them, the PR people and the producers are the people who I get sexual advances from.

It can derail you because this person might take you to the next level but because you have turned them down you remain stagnant. Such people are disgusting."


"People should give people chances based on their qualifications."

She thanked her family for being supportive, especially after the death of her mum in 2008.

"My grandmother is my biggest fan. She has been the one taking care of me with the help of my uncles. I lost my mum in 2008. I lost my grandfather in 2021. I am an only child."

Kalondu says things changed after the death of her mum as her uncles were not as financially independent as she was.

They had to downgrade their lifestyle.

Her first interview?

"My first interview was with Gilad. He made my first interview so flawless in 2017. After that, I met people like Diamond and Harmonize, and after that people started noticing me. I did an interview with Harmonize and it went viral.

Before then I had gone countless times and created contacts on the ground. My breakthrough was in 2018 when people would approach me and commend me for my work."

Her biggest lesson?

"Celebrities are not your friends. Interview them and go home. It becomes very hard to write a story about your friend in case they do something. But there are never permanent enemies in the industry."

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