• Willis Raburu was celebrated by the Ivy who is currently pregnant with his second child.

• Willis was emotional after watching the video that Ivy had compiled.

Content creator, Ivy Namu has decided to celebrate Willis Raburu on Fathers Day. In her lovely message on her Instagram page, Ivy waxed lyrical as she posted a montage of Willis doing fatherly duties with their firstborn son.

"Happy Father’s Day @willisraburu. Carrying your kids has been nothing short of magical," she started.

She then went on praise him for always being there as a father, something she said she did take for granted.

"Thank you for being a consistent, intentional & present dad; and for everything you do to make sure your family is safe & comfortable, I don’t take it for granted."

And she wasn't done yet gushing about how amazing the 10 over 10 presenter was.

"You’re an amazing man & an even better Father, I’m blessed to be experiencing parenthood & life with you, you make everything that much better❤️I hope you know & feel appreciated today & every day Sweetie. We love you deeply 😘"

Willis duly responded to Ivy's comment writing, "Phew! 😢❤️This is so amazing, thanks love yol are the most precious to me! I’ve watched this so many times! Wow! Thank you! 🙏🏾"

Raburu who was previously married to MaryaPrude, is expecting another child with Ivy. During a July QnA with fans last year, Ivy revealed that the couple met when Namu started working at Hot 96 (@Hot96Kenya and 10/10 @1010fanpage.

Another fan also wanted to know why Ivy got a child before getting married first. “Coz it’s my life and I do what I want, when I want and how I want. Also hii life haina manual or one size fits all formula please," Ivy sternly replied.

She also noted that their pregnancy was planned.

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