• Azziad Nasenya opened up on how bad the cyberbullies had treated her when she first became a recognised celeb.

• Azziad Nasenya hasn't let the hate stand in her way and is still thriving 2 years later.

TikTok Azziad Nasenya turned 22 years on Thursday, June 16 this week.

Her family and friends threw her a surprise party. But sadly, Azziad was still the subject of trolls, but kept quiet until Saturday 18th when she urged fans to listen to her side of the story.

”You will learn a lot of things about me that you’ve never known…watch it then let’s have a discussion.”

The YouTube video she was referring to was one with Engage Ke where she was a guest speaker. In it, Azziad, opened up about growing up near Mumias, where she faced challenges.

Once she moved to the Capital, things changed. Azziad gained fame through her viral Utawezana TikTok dance clip.

The chocolate beauty said that it’s been tough since then saying she faced criticism and hate.

“I was unbound, then boom, COVID came, I want viral. It took me 19 years to become a sensation,” she said.

Her fame even led to her phone number being leaked online something that caused her untold suffering.

“I always read about cyberbullying in schools, never thought about it, or knew it would happen to me. 'Unacheka kama punda, you’re ugly, you look terrible without make-up'…some even wanted me to die,” she said.

She noted that most of the comments hurt her, despite the fact that there were a few encouraging comments every now and then.

In a previous interview with the Nation in January 2022, she said she had learnt that bullies really don't have a problem with a person but rather are projecting their fears on to you.

The experience prompted her to show people on social media not just “the glitz and glamour but also the other side of life”. 

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