• Samidoh says he keeps his rate card private as people cannot attack what they do not know.

• Aside from singing, Samidoh is a full-time police officer with the Kenyan government.

Mugiithi singer Samidoh releases new hit Kanairo
courtesy Mugiithi singer Samidoh releases new hit Kanairo

Ever wondered how much you would have to pay Samidoh for him to perform during an event?

The Mugithi Maestro has revealed that he will never make his rate card public as he doesn't want to give people a chance to bash him.

Speaking during an interview on Celeb Kona, Samidoh says releasing such information to the public is unnecessary.

“Since I was young I learned that people cannot attack something they do not understand. So the moment you announce your rate card, there are people who will say you are bragging, or others will think you are too expensive for nothing or even that you don’t charge enough."


"I prefer to keep quiet about my rate card, it's my personal life, whatever you earn is yours. however, you want to spend it it's your choice afadhali tunyamazie.”

Samidoh also revealed how his latest song Kanairo could very well be about his life. He smiled saying

”Nairobi is all about character development. I have experienced many of those things I have sung about. All those things I have also gone through.”

The singer who is also a cop narrated a mugging incident that built his character. Smiling about it, he recalled,

“Nihawahi pigwa ngeta. I use to live a long time ago in Laini Saba Kibera. So I had just bought a new pair of shoes and I hang them on my shoulder (gesturing to the left shoulder). Nilipigwa ngeta it was so bad that when I got home, I found I couldn’t find my voice and my hands were shaking so hard.“

The father of five also addressed his scandals making headlines time and again. Given a chance after seeing his life, what would he do differently?

“I don't think there are many changes I would make in my life. Because all life experiences are meant to teach you a lesson. I believe that everything that has happened in my life had a reason. There is nothing I would do different, it's how God meant my life to be."

What about criticism of doing gospel than secular songs?

“When I sing gospel songs it is me communicating to God, it is my prayer to God so I don’t see why people would criticize me for jumping between gospel and secular songs.”

Many said he sang those songs because of scandals happening at the time. Is it true?

“My inspiration comes from so many things so I doubt my personal life experience would make me sing gospel songs everybody out here does stupid things in life”

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