• Harmonize has won back the heart of Paula Kajala who dumped him after he tried hitting on her daughter.

• Harmonize and Kajala seem to be moving at a breakneck speak with their rekindled relationship. 

Actress and businesswoman, Irene Uwoya, has promised to pay for Kajala's dress on her wedding day.

Speaking to reporters at her Liz Payless clothing store, Irene announced that she was ready to dress her fellow actress from top to bottom without claiming anything.

Irene noted that she would be thrilled to see her fellow 'Drama Queen' tie the knot of life.

"It is a day when I will be thrilled when she gets married. For me, she will get an offer for everything. From the beginning of preparation until the end of the wedding, I will stand there," Irene said.

The businesswoman said that when it came time for Harmonize and Kajala to get married she would advise them to take all the clothes in her shop.

Irene however made it clear that she had never given any advice to Kajala about her relationship with Harmonize.

"I can not interfere in someone's relationship. I myself do not want anyone else to interfere in my relationship. As long as she is comfortable, I am behind her," he said.

Harmonize and Kajala finally reunited several weeks ago after being separated for a year. The two split up in April last year after a brief affair with Harmonize allegedly seducing Kajala's daughter, Paula.

Prior to their reconciliation, Harmonize issued a number of apologies in an effort to restore their relationship.

In March this year, the Konde Music Worldwide boss announced his separation from Briana, claiming that his soul only wanted Kajala.

"As for Briana, I have no problem with her. She is a good person but we are not together. The first reason, I told her I broke up with someone without arguing with her and I love her very much, I'm not sure if I moved on or anything could happen because it would be a patriotic act for me to return home," Harmonize said.

Harmonize then ventured on a journey to rekindle his relationship with the actress with his efforts eventually bearing fruit.

Kajala is not only a fan of Harmonize but is now also his manager and boss of all Kondegang managers.

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