• Louis Otieno opened up about various facets into his high and mighty life.

• Louis revealed a lot of things about his life that most Kenyans weren't aware of.

Legendary newsman, Louis Otieno is the focus of a 23-minute podcast on Nation.Africa that goes in depth exploring the life of a man who has seen the highs and lows that life can throw at you.

The series is the first of six episodes on Mr. Otieno and is written and produced by James Smart.

There are some interesting revelations in the podcast, some are below;

1. That Louis Otieno now has a bionic ear that aids in his hearing.

2. That Mr. Otieno lives on painkillers because of back pain he has struggled with for many years. His speech is also slurred.

3. That his mother, Elizabeth Omollo, felt that people misunderstood her son and that really depressed her.

4. That Louis didn't want to be on TV initially, and wasnt not even thinking about it.

5. He was his motherś biggest critic when she read news on KBC, a favour that his mother would return when he himself became a newscaster.

6. That Loius was the harbinger of change on TV with many stations starting to give prominence to interview talk shows, with the Mr. Otieno leading the charge.

7. That the only person who supported Louis when he joined NTV was industry veteran, Sophie Ikenye.

8. That Louis was a hunted man on TV, with the only reason for his continued stay on air being his popularity with Kenyans.

The show will keep airing on a weekly basis every Saturday morning. I am looking forward to seeing how the podcast will cover the murder of Careen Chepchumba where Louis was a major person of interest.

Also, will they cover Louis's troubling relationship with his son, Silas?

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