• Janet Omondi says her husband did not coerce, demand, or blackmail her into being a housewife.

• Janet became a solo artist after 16 years of taking care of her kids.

nonuplets from Mali
World's only surviving nonuplets from Mali
Image: BBC

Celebrated gospel artist Janet Omondi has revealed that she was a housewife for 16 years before she decided to join the industry.

The 'Napokea Kwako' hitmaker says she made a conscious decision to take care of her kids as no one would do it better than she could.

Speaking during an interview with Tuko, the mother of three shared said,

"Nobody can take good care of your children like you would do. That was why before I got into my career, I saw it was important for me to take care of my children first until they were all grown."

Janet says that being a stay-at-home mum made her doubt herself at some point but God gave her the grace to face it.

"God gave me that grace to take care of my family and at some point, He called me fully into ministry and I took it up without feeling there was something else I was supposed to do as a mother or as a wife," she said.

Years later she has been able to do what she loves most. The joy of it all is that her kids are grown up, her husband is well taken off and she is happy the sacrifice was worth it.

"Before I got into the ministry fully, it got to a point where I would ask myself where to start. I felt like the ministry and industry had so many people. I used to sing in church but the desire to do ministry as a solo artist was always there, the only thing that held me was my family, I had small kids," she said.

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