•Azziad has turned 22 years and should ignore trolls

Tiktok star Azziad is constantly being targeted by internet trolls.

Azziad marked her 22nd birthday on Thursday, June 16, 2022. Many noted her age in disbelief,  and the terrible comments split social media.

She was treated to a surprise birthday party.

The tiktoker dedicated a cute message to her fam on the surprise

"So my family 🥺🥺 Surprised me with a birthday party today❤️❤️Thank you fam…thank you all for the Amazing heart-warming birthday wishes❤️❤️ I love and appreciate all of you here❤️"

Azziad shared a list of items she would love to receive on her upcoming birthday from those who wish to gift her.

Taking to social media, Azziad, who also doubles up as an actress, said that among the things she wanted were bags of cement.

"Now that most of you are asking for things I want as gifts on my birthday, here is the list…Cement, yes you read that right, cement," she shared.

Following her requests, Azziad said many fans had questioned her reasons for wanting construction materials as birthday gifts. 

“Na mnasubuliwa na his story ya cement na mabati. Mko wengi sana kwa DM. Kwani mtu hawezi amka tu na atamani cement na mabati, alaa,” she wrote.

Other things on Azziad's birthday wish list included a plant, anything made of leather, and support from her fans.

Here are reasons she should ignore trolls who are surprised she is just 22-years old.

1. Turning older is nothing to be ashamed of. Do you Azziad!

2. Those who troll you are the same who will be dying to take selfies with you when they meet you in person,  so one cannot believe that narrative about age shaming.

3. As long as your work is being recognized, the rest is all just a lot of noise.

4. You are beautiful in and out and inspiring girls your age.

5. You have bagged an international award, you don't need to respond to shamers. Just to remind you, Azziad Nasenya finished second in the African Social Star category of America’s E! People’s Choice Awards, 2021, which was won by Zimbabwean Comedian Tyra Chikocho aka Madam Boss

Fellow Kenyans, how about taking a moment to think before sending that nasty tweet, DM or comment the next time?

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