•Risper has advised gilrs to get married by the time they are 30

•Risper added that men don't like old used women

Risper Faith
Risper Faith
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If you are looking for answers to the puzzling question “why am I still single?”, here is an answer from a Kenyan.

Socialite-cum-businesswoman Risper Faith has some bitter truths for girls who are almost hitting 30, with no plans to settle.

Risper turned 30 last year and told fans in a QnA that we should not be in denial about our marital value.

On Thursday night June 16, Risper was asked, to "advise girls in their 20s".

She obliged saying, "I have a lot to share on this. The reason as to why I'm saying date multiple guys is because by the time you want to settle you would know who is the best fit... the 20s are your prime age because most guys prefer girls between the age of 23-28 years so enjoy those years and make the most out of it. By the time you 30 start settling..akuna mbaba anatyk msichana mzee BITTERTRUTH."

Risper also dished out advice to girls in their early 20s.

"Date multiple guys-be smart-invest in something-go to the gym and make it a habit so that in your 30s you are used to it.-make meaningful relationships with your friends -don't lock yourself indoors go out often-don't get pregnant-marry a guy who is exposed  and has most of his assets in both your names."

Risper also opened up about her marriage to husband Brayo "Is marriage hard?" she was asked

Risper and Brayo got married on February 3, 2018. She has called it one of her best days.

Risper responded, "Yes it is but we learn every day."

Her husband wants two children and she wants three. It has been alleged that for the past few months that she is pregnant. She explained that she is not expecting her second child yet.

The 30-year-old said her husband Brayo gives her a monthly allowance.

She did not disclose the amount.

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