•Diana revealed the hard times together with her sister Michelle

•Diana also told about watching her mum die 

singer and influencer Diana marua smile
Diana Marua singer and influencer Diana marua smile

Diana Marua and her sisters had a difficult upbringing that they shared with their fans.

In her latest YouTube video, Diana opened up about enduring beatings from her dad.

"Mum and dad separated. It meant we were with dad and different house helps. Dad was a guy of making noise at home, it got to a point we were traumatized. 

We kept asking ourselves what we did to deserve the beating. We would call our mum to tell her we wanted to live with her, but he told us to wait a little bit longer.

She promised to come but never did. Dad used to come home with kelele, and we would know someone will be beaten."

Diana also disclosed that she felt like her sister Michele didn't receive as many beatings as the others, something that Michele defended.

Diana added that she does not blame her dad for taking out his stress on them.

"I feel like my dad was also going through alot emotionally raising small children by himself. There was a lack of finances, there was so much going on."

How did Diana handle the abusive father?

"I have a personality of persevering. My personality is that of persevering."

Diana also described how each of her sisters handled the abuse, with one running away from home because she couldn't handle the beatings.

Life for the little family got harder after her dad lost his job.

"He lost his job and everything went haywire. We stopped going to school, we had rent arrears and were kicked out. We had debts in the local kiosk and our reputation as debtors was so bad.

He would go looking for work and return empty-handed. We used to take food on loan, we would buy sukuma and cabbage for 20 b0b.

And while our neighbours were using gas cookers, we bought kerosene to cook. We were kicked out, and to the new house we didn't have money."

Diana recalled the humiliation of moving to a cheaper house and their friends watching them in embarrassment carrying mattresses on their back.

"It was an abandoned house, dirty and the roof was leaking.  I think dad begged the people we stay there.  I felt bad, I will never forget that part. I  remember it like it was yesterday. My dad pushed a mkokoteni and it affected me. I was in shock, and I will do anything to make sure we never live like that again."

Diana and Michelle told how embarrassing it was to be seen by friends in the estate carrying a torn mattress.

"Yaani we were downgrading our lives yaani our friends didn't even want to talk to us watching us struggle."

Diana also recalled how they were not in contact with their mother.

"There is a day we called our mum and begged her to return home and she came, when I heard a knock at the door  I opened and for the first time I didn't say anything. She could tell I was hurt and broken."

After this terrible welcome, Diana and her sisters packed their bags to leave with their mother.

Sadly, they returned after a few days because their mother realized she could not care for her children.

That heartbreaking moment forever lives in Diana's memory.

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