• Cashy Karimi has called out media outlets for favoring Khaligraph over her.

 • Cashy claimed that she has faced a tough opposition from various media outlets

in a file photo
Khaligraph Jones with Cashy Karimi in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Cashy Karimi who is Khaligraph's baby mama claimed that she has faced a tough opposition from various media outlets in her quest to seek justice for her child.

Speaking in an interview with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, the rapper lamented how she gets unfair treatment from a media outlet which favors her ex-lover Khaligraph instead of giving her the audience to air her grievances.

"A certain blog I remember I told them not to use me for clout unless they wanted to help, there is no need to highlight my child's story only for people to claim that my story is a mere gossip," said Cashy.

She further claimed, "There was a media company that tried to tarnish my name by writing something aggressive and negative which could have brought me back to square one in my quest to seek justice for my child and I would wonder why they are giving Khaligraph power because they are his fans."

Cashy insisted that whenever journalists interview the O.G, 'There has to be someone who needs to ask the tough questions.'

She says people should remember that she is not fighting for herself but for an innocent child. She however acknowledges there are scores of people who have been supportive of her quest including controversial blogger, Edgar Obare.

"This whole concern ni juu ya mtoi and I get that not a lot of people understand what it means to have a kid and to those who get it, I have received support from them, kama akina edgar obare, but that is not enough." Cashy said.

Cashy believes that despite the hurdles she's facing,  there's light at the end of the tunnel but won't stand and watch as people attack her or her baby boy.

"There is still hope, but how am I supposed to access all credentials without Khaligraph’s concent as the father. Sina ubaya na mtu bora mimi na mtoto wangu tusichikozwe." 

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