• Diana B in a throwback to her work life encouraged fans never to give up.

• Diana's encouraging note was on Instagram.

singer and influencer Diana marua smile
Diana Marua singer and influencer Diana marua smile

Diana Marua worked as a receptionist in 2011.

The singer-cum-influencer took to her Instagram to reminisce her first office job in 2011, where she was hired as a receptionist.

"2011... My first office job as a receptionist, I faced many challenges, ups and downs, Confused... I didn't know what I wanted in life. I was unsatisfied, unfulfilled but being here moulded me to be the person I am today."

Diana revealed that she took up this job because she was ambitious.

Her financial goals pushed her never to give up.

"Trust your journey, don't give up. It's part of the success equation. You are where you are supposed to be according to the universe."

Diana has many a time told she does not like poverty and wants to push herself in all ways to never experience her earlier life ever again.

And Diana's journey to financial freedom then kicked off. She has evolved to become a major brand ambassador throughout the years.

Diana also makes quite some cash advertising brands on market day. She is also one of the youtubers with the most followers, garnering 700k subscribers. Her huge following earns her some serious cash.

She is not only a brand ambassador. Diana is also a musician, who launched her career late 

Diana revealed that her demands as a singer to appear in any show will cost interested parties almost Sh850k to book her.

Diana is also paid for normal appearances.

A normal appearance when she is called to appear as a vlogger is KSh 500,000, while she charges  KSh 850,000 per show.

So as one can see, Diana is well on her way to seeing her 2011 dream come true.

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