• Natalie Tewa said she is feeling very emotional about the moment.

• "Been two years so ofc I'm emo but happy to be moving on up," Natalie Tewa said.

Natalie Tewa smiling
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Travel and lifestyle content creator Natalie Tewa has made a major boss move.

The blogger has bought a  home and told of her joy at no longer paying rent.

Last week, Natalie hinted at a major life moment while sharing a video of her apartment. 

"I'm moving soon. I should be excited but I'm very anxious. Also, I am a super sentimental person so I can't get over my attachment to this place. But I'm very grateful to live in my own home and not worry about rent and also decorate my new space without boundaries and get more plants tbh."

Natalie further added that she was feeling emotional about the big move as she is finding it difficult to detach from her apartment.

"Been two years so ofc I'm emo but happy to be moving on up."

travel lbogger Natalie new home
Natalie Tewa travel lbogger Natalie new home

In another video, Natalie added that,

"POV: moving out I dunno how I feel about this."

She also praised the moving company for helping with the difficult process.

"Thank God for movers coz I'm here nursing my emotions and sentiments."

Natalie only returned to social media this year in February after a long break in 2021.

Speaking about leaving social media, Natalie told Mpasho that she took a break from creating content and posting on YouTube over too much negativity.

"I was tired of social media, I am a private person and I like my things being under-waters. When people were too much in my life, I quit social media and ventured into other things," she said.

She said she was putting her life out there for her fans thinking they were supporting her but the negativity was not worth her mental health.

"It was not worth it. But because of my passion, I am back and the reception is higher. I think people are just keen to know what is going on in my world and so on," she said adding that her fans have told her to do more in her day-to-day life.

"I am still not ready to open up too much to them."

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