• Miss Cashy has previously accused him of neglecting their son.

• In her latest rant online, Cashy disputes that he should be considered a great dad.

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Cashy Karimi with Khaligraph Jones in a file photo
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Rapper Khaligraph Jones' baby mama, Cashy Karimi has taken to Instagram to fire shots at the baby daddy insinuating that he isn't present in their son's life.

The mother of one disagreed with Khaligraph's wife Georgina Muteti, who had said that he is the 'best dad ever'.

Mother of two, Georgina had written,

"You're the best dad and were so blessed to have you."

Cashy reacted sharply, disputing his fathering skills saying,

"Haya basi tunapea best daddy macho tu."

Cashy added,

"Guys some of you are asking my sons age to see if I home wrecked or something. Smh. Thus is the real timeline. Xolani birth September 2018- by me. The next birth - is June 21 not by me. Age difference - months smh na mnasema best darry. kwendeni sana."

This is a continuation of attacks that Cashy has been making over the weekend. Mpasho contacted the rapper who refused to respond saying he had no comment.

The dispute between Cashy and Jones goes way back after they broke up. Cashy has severally accused Jones of being a deadbeat and neglecting their child.

In 2020, Cashy served the rapper with a demand letter which she felt he didn't take seriously. Separately, Cashy claimed her baby daddy was seeking custody of their son.

“A person who once said he ‘does not know who I am and does not recognize any baby from me’ now says he wants custody of this sweet child – that he had no prior concern for, and has had me wilding here a couple of times,” she wrote.

“I see this as the power of prayer. GOD CHANGES THINGS, in unexpected ways and storms come to make way for better days. To clear the mess. I hear it will be a longer struggle…Grace will continue to be sufficient. At the end Xolani will get his real rights, that’s what matters,” she added.

“I have been communicating with him via our lawyers but he is not taking the issue seriously,” she said.

“All I want is for him to provide for his son's health insurance. I have been trying to get to him for a year and he has not been responding. He knows his son is sick but he has not taken any responsibility.”

Despite the above accusations from Cashy, Khaligraph still refused to comment on the allegations, a decision he has clearly made when it comes to dealing with his ex.

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