• Mom Teyian popularly referred to as nurse Judy left her matrimonial home in Tanzania over claims that her husband was abusive

• While still married she was linked to having an affair with a popular content creator's husband 

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Global trotting nurse Judy, popularly known by her Instagram handle, Mom Teyian, seems to have made peace and gotten over her former man.

Mom Teyian shared videos of her and her new hunky bae having fun on a night out, that had fans going crazy.

At first, she’d shared that she would not be posting any pictures or videos but she was really happy I guess after a glass or two and her adoring fans begging to be let in on her escapades she felt the urge to oblige.

She’d written, “ I won't record sheet but I'm having the time of my life Laaardd this is the life I signed up for Wuuuii.”

But later on she posted videos of her and her man all boo’d up and singing along to songs in the club. She went ahead to tell her fans to enjoy the posts for now as she’d delete them early in the morning.

Image: Instagram

Before she added another post of her man not only foolishly posing but also carrying her sling bag as well! Yes, you read that correctly.

She could be heard gushing over her man saying, “ you look so cute in my sling bag.” She captioned the video, “ does he carry your sling bag or should I leave you alone.”

She ended the stories by letting her fans know that she now was a basketball fan because in her own words, “ and now I love basketball because he plays it and he is so good at it.”

Last year there were rumours that nurse Judy alias Mom Teiyan when claims of an alleged affair with a popular content creator's hubby were leaked online.

Image: Instagram

At the time Judy was still married to her now ex-husband  Dennis Pasha. Mom Teiyan apologized online for her actions and responded to the drama by saying that she regretted the things she did in her marriage, and with time fans dubbed her mature for owning up to her past mistakes. 

Judy went on to claim that these things happen in 98% of marriages and it is just because the rest are not in the public that's why their secrets haven't been exposed.

She added that the reason she never gave people advice on marriages was since she herself had contributed to bringing hers down, adding she hated the consequences it caused all parties involved.

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