• Socialite Vera Sidika threw her daughter Asia Brown, a birthday party to celebrate seven months since she was born.

• Brown Mauzo ignores the party as no photo of the singer at the event is online

holding Asia
Vera Sidika and her bae Brown Mauzo holding Asia
Image: Instagram

Socialite turned businesswoman Vera Sidika on Saturday threw a lavish birthday party for her beautiful baby daughter.

Vera had told her fans that she would celebrate her daughter Asia Brown's sixth month birthday a few days ago.

She wrote, "It’s about that time!!! Asia’s Half Birthday tomorrow 💃🏻🎊🥰 super excited!!!! @princess_asiabrown."

The white and pink-themed event was a star-studded party attended by only a few celebrities close to Vera and Brown Mauzo.

Those who attended include Vera's brothers, Instagram influencers, Maxwell Mwamburi, Barak Jacuzzi, and a few others.

From the photos shared by Vera, her baby daddy Brown Mauzo was nowhere to be seen.

This could mean that the musician could be on a business trip or just that he did not want to advertise much about the whole party.

On his social media, Mauzo did not post anything about the party. He last posted two days ago announcing their daughter's half birthday.

Asia Brown on her birthday party
Asia Brown on her birthday party
Image: courtesy

Vera's daughter Princess Asia also launched a baby products business, including hair products for kids like her.

Vera wore a black body-hugging dress, while her guests stuck to the theme colour. The socialite's daughter was born on October 20th, 2021.

Through her Instagram, Vera said she wanted her baby born on Mashujaa Day so she could celebrate her birthday with her family.

"I personally chose the date 20th October, so she can be celebrating her birthday from home with family. Since it's a public holiday," she wrote.

Here are reactions from Vera's fans;

sheguh: Can’t wait for baby Asia’s first tooth celebration.

__theka__: 🙌 6 months na mtoto akona biashara🙌😂 aki pesa wewe.

tinyhumanowner: Ain't nothing half about this.

browniecarole254_official: Money if I catch you (insert Nigerian accent )

rosebellaharry: Kuna online aunties wanahesabu vibaya Asia alizaliwa 20.10.2021 so I think the half birthday imelate kiasi juu hayuko six months .Happy half birthday princes Asia.

lady_zahabia: Pesa shikamoo.yani wangu anaingiza 10 sina hata peni huyu hata si 1 year ni Hall.Mashallah Allah ampe afya na umri.

jojo_shama: Skwikwikwi but we could do quarter birthday tooo😢😢😢😢 why u forgot.

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