• Aaliyah said that she had started seeing results from the first procedure

• Aaliyah announced that she was undergoing the same procedure Cindy Kipsanf had revealed she underwent.

Aaliyah Khan
Content creator Aaliyah Khan

Tiktok star Aaliyah Khan just deleted all her Instagram posts and we know why.

No, the gorgeous content creator/ model is not going through a heartbreak or depression... cue drum rolls please, she is prepping for her come back as she undergoes a non-invasive procedure to sculpt and add volume to her behind.

Aaliyah shared a 12-second video on her Instastories ( smart move because we would have asked a thousand and one questions had she popped out here looking like Vera) of her at a clinic undergoing the procedure.

She captioned the video, "For those of you wondering what is this procedure, it is called vacuum therapy. It is a non-invasive behind lift which is a much safer way."

In another video still, on her Instastories, she stated that the procedure was not just used for enlargening one's behind but could be used to fix hip dips as well. 

She wrote, " This is for those who want to enlarge their behinds or want to fix their hip dips. I just started but am so happy with my results. It is only my first session and I already started seeing a difference." 

The news of her getting a new body comes barely a week after fellow Tiktok star and girlfriend to Sean Preezy, Cindy Kipsang revealed that she had gone through the procedure to alter her body because it is something she wanted to do for herself.

Just like Aaliyah, Cindy also deleted all her Instagram posts once she started doing the procedure and began posting once again after she got done with her body goals.

Cindy said, " I got my stomach reduced and I had a butt lift as well, it was completely non-invasive so it does not hurt my body at all since it wasn't surgical."

I mean I too would delete all posts once the money and glow-up hit, no way I'm keeping that version even though she got me here.

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