• Albeit having several dogs,  Sandra calls Angel her daughter.

• Angel is a Japanese Spitz that is pampered for three meals a day.

taking a mirror selfie while holding Angel Mbuvi her daughter
Sandra Mbuvi taking a mirror selfie while holding Angel Mbuvi her daughter
Image: instagram

Sonko's daughter, Sandra Mbuvi, who models for brands sometimes, is a great dog lover. She recently posted on her Instagram story a menu of what her dogs are scheduled to eat on a daily basis as she was prompted by one of her followers to give the menu on her Q&A segment. 

In most instances, people usually end up giving their pets treats on completion of tasks or their good performances not forgetting when the pets have 'behaved themselves' per se.

This usually ain't the case for Angel Mbuvi. Do not get confused. Angel is Sandra's baby as she calls her pretty Japanese Spitz. 

Angel has an Instagram account that has over three thousand followers, managed by her 'Mother'. Quite interesting, isn't it? Not only is she named Angel, but also is she treated like an angel. Fascinating! 

Monday: Morning- dog biscuits, Lunch- fruits/bananas& watermelons, Dinner- dog rice and chicken

Tuesday: Morning-maziwa mala & dog biscuits, Lunch-fruits, Dinner- beef, and rice

Wednesday: Morning- dog biscuits, Lunch-maziwa mala & vitamins, Dinner- pumpkin & chicken breast.

Thursday: Morning- mala, Lunch- fruits, Dinner- goat meat and rice.

Friday: Morning- dog biscuits & mala, Lunch- boiled carrot, broccoli, green beans, Dinner- scrambled eggs.

A five-day detailed menu of what Angel has for meals. Meals that the majority of the Kenyan households cannot afford as a result of the economic crisis, but oh well, as Sandra told us, " Money does not define love," whether in regards to her dogs or people.

Sandra issued the statement when one of her fans asked her on her socials whether she would date someone who is not rich.

Her fans had been noted to be eager to know whether she was single or she was seeing someone. She has been seen to constantly share that she is single and she currently does not have any interest in getting involved with someone. 

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