• Jalang'o opened up in a recent interview with Milele FM about his two employees who had stolen money from him.

• Jalang'o felt betrayed as he considered the two as his brothers. 

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Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang'o shocked Kenyans last week when he revealed that his two workers had run off with money from a car that they were washing.

Since that day, the pair, Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema, haven't been found with the comedian even offering a cash reward for knowledge of their whereabouts.

But the funnyman has struck a more conciliatory tone, something that was evident in a recent interview with Milele FM.

During the interview,  the Lang'ata MP aspirant told his former employees to freely surrender to law enforcement authorities.

But that wasn't the best part of his offer. He added that if they did, he would allow them to continue working for him as if nothing had happened. "I want them to come forward. They will continue with their work," he started out.

with his two workers who stole from him
Comedian Jalang'o with his two workers who stole from him
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Adding that it wasn't in the employees' nature to do what they had done.

"I had an evening meeting, so I took a small car - they usually send the kids to school and leave money there. In the morning, one child came to ask for the keys to pick up something. from boots. By the time Eli and Litiema had arrived cleaning, that time they had taken the money and left, I did not realise that they had stolen the money for about three hours until we found out that they were not there."

Jalang'o also explained in the interview that Eli and Morrison had messed up potential moneymaking ventures online as they couldn't even post anymore.

"They have social media pages that we have opened together and they can't post anything because of what they did."

The Jalang'o concluded that he had never considered the two as his workers but as his "brothers".

"They have betrayed our brotherhood. They are now fleeing with their families, one of whom has recently had a child, now you can imagine what they are going through."

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