• Juliani recalled his days back in Ukoo Flani Mau Mau

• The musical group back then comprised two teams

denies being hired by Azimio coalition
Rapper Julius Owino alias Juliani denies being hired by Azimio coalition
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Singer and rapper Juliani shared a TBT reminiscing of his days as a former member of the group Uko Flani Mau Mau.

Ukoo Flani were from the Coast and Mau Mau from Nairobi and they joined forces to become the most loved musicians.

Sadly they split.

Under the photo, Juliani urged his fans to guess his age. Most fans said he appeared to be about 17 years.

The late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore’s wife, Wambui Kamiru, also commented hilariously about how ashy he appeared.

Wambui liked the post and teased him.

"Glow up ni kitu inasaidia sana (Glowing is really helpful). Not everybody was hot as a teenager," she wrote. 

And perhaps that may just be true. Juliani and Lilian Nganga trended for the better part of this year after it was unearthed they were dating from the many pictures of them together online.

They later admitted to dating and even wedded at a super exclusive event in February.

The two are also said to be expecting their first child together. 

Juliani has at one point noted that his favourite flower is a lily.

Back in 2018,  two years before they split, Juliani twitted lyrics in Ukoo Flani.

"Unpacking complex thinking into relatable punchlines. Hip Hop is a powerful genre when it comes to literature and communication."

Kenyans learnt of the friendship between Juliani, Wambui and Bob at the Safaricom CEO's wedding.

But according to Juliani, the two met years ago at a Safaricom event, where their friendship grew.

"The day we met, I talked to him in Kiswahili and I still believe that is what attracted him to me," Juliani said at the time.

Bob Collymore died of Cancer on July 1st, 2019, at his home in Kitisuru.

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