Savara to bring the house down at Drip Fest on Sunday

Savara to launch 'Savage' album during Drip Fest on Sunday

•Drip Fest will be held on Sunday 12th June at Nairobi Street Kitchen.

•Savara will be launching his album 'Savage' during the Drip Fest.

Oga Obinna and Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

Drip Fest will be an amazing time to show off your style may it be from the streetwear style sheet or  Y2k (the year 2000) inspired style.

The event will be going down on Sunday, June 12 at Nairobi Street Kitchen.

The event is hosted by Radio Africa Group in conjunction with Savara of the famous boy's band Sauti Sol.

Savara will be launching his album titled 'Savage'.

On the decks will be DJ Grauchi, MGM, CNG The DJ,  DJ Lordwin and Sultan.

When attending a fashion-themed event you have to be keen on what you choose to wear depending on the fashion location.

You have to be stylish enough to get people's attention on the pieces you paired to bring out your fashion prowess.

Below are some tips to help you choose the right attire for the event

1. When attending an outdoor event pick out your best floral dress or best shirt to pair with some nice shoes.

This helps in and ensures that you stand out amongst the fashion gurus, and look like you are blending in more than sticking out.

2. Prepare yourself early in advance when going on a fashion event; this is to avoid running around to hit the streets trying to get fashion tips from social media influencers who pose in studios.

3. Keep it sexy and classy

There is no harm in showing off some flesh just remember showing too much skin doesn't make you attractive.

If you are a huge fan of fashion you could network with famous designers and maybe get an insight of the fashion industry.

One thing to remember when dressing up for an event is what you wear leaves an impression to the onlookers.

Will you be attending? If yes who will you bring along?

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