• The ex-Kameme presenter Wangechi Kariuki is the former wife to Kameme presenter, and Emcee Mzee Kiengei.

• She is a mother of two, a daughter from her previous marriage and a 

Kiengei and his ex-wife Keziah Wangechi Kariuki
Kiengei and his ex-wife Keziah Wangechi Kariuki
Image: courtesy

Ex-Kameme TV presenter Keziah Wangechi Kariuki has opened up on the interesting journey of growing up in a polygamous family.

The TV presenter says her late dad had 5 wives.

Speaking during an interview with Juma wa Kariuki on Kameme TV, Keziah shared, "I am the 6 born among seven siblings. My mum is deceased and so is my dad.

My dad had 5 wives and 28 kids. He was a businessman in Ongata Rongai.

My dad had a club and my mum and his co-wives were his employees in his band.

With time he married all of them and that led to the death of the band."

Keziah says at some point her dad decided to settle his 'family' in one piece of land.

"My dad went to Nyahururu and bought land and built five houses. He then took all his wives and took them to live there.

He told them whoever was not OK with that setup was ready to leave. At one point my mum left but she went back. 

My dad used to live in every house for a week. He has never been biased against each other."

Keziah who is the ex-wife to Kameme FM host Mzee Kiengei says the only thing her dad was against was her going to high school.

He wanted her to join a tertiary school something his wife (Keziah's mum) was against.

The TV host who is in her early 30s is currently enjoying her second marriage after she and Kiengei got divorced.

She co-parents her daughter with her ex-husband.

Keziah's mum died before she could clear high school, luckily for her, she was able to clear thanks to the intervention of her maternal relatives.

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