• The answer got Rashid Abdalla tickled 

• Lulu Hassan has also responded to the funny QnA

have worked together for the past couple of years
Lulu Hassan with Rashid Abdalla have worked together for the past couple of years
Image: Instagram

Stivo Simple Boy's wrong answer to a question on who the Taznaina president has many laughing.

A video of Oga Obinna laughing mirthlessly at Stivo Simple Boy for giving the wrong answer has got the attention of Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan.

On Monday, Stivo was interviewed by Obinna and one of the things he was asked was, who the President of Tanzania is.

Stivo answered Lulu Hassan, as Obinna looked at him stunned before collapsing into a fit of laughter.

Obinna asked Stivo Simple Boy to repeat his answer.

Now that video has attracted the attention of Citizen TV presenters, Lulu and Rashid.

Lulu Hassan took to her Instagram to share the funny comments people are making about the video.

Rashid also shared the video captioning his reaction.

He said, "Chairman @ogaobinna hii imenimaliza. @stevosimpleboy8"

Stivo has attracted attention nationally with his antics with ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy who dumped him earlier this year, after exposing how his management is taking advantage of him.

"Assume one day God blesses us and we get married, what will happen to me? My in-laws will one day visit and ask him to send me away, and he will do it without objection," she lamented.

"I'm happy for you, thank you for the time that we have been together, and I pray that you get someone who will love you the way you are," she said.

The two exes have been slandering each other in different interviews, and their dirty laundry is too much information.

She left Kibera to live elsewhere as he remained behind.

Pritty also revealed she cheated on him because she was not attracted to him.

“We were boyfriend and girlfriend and he had even introduced me to his family, but it was not a romantic relationship. He was never attractive to me. I won’t lie. And that’s the reason I was cheating. Stivo was a good man, yes he was kind and humble but he was not attractive,” Vishy said.

She also said other unprintable things

“Right now if you ask Stivo how I look without clothes he cannot describe (it) because he has never seen me without (clothes),” Vishy said.

The singer publicly stated that wasn’t his type of woman.

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