•Corazon Kwamboka has told of the agony of dating a gym instructor.

•Frankie, her ex, has cryptically responded.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Kiarie together
Image: Mercy Mumo

Blogger Corazon Kwamboka has got tongues wagging after a Titktok video agonizing about the pitfalls of dating a gym instructor.

Corazon's baby daddy, Frankie Kiarie, is a gym instructor-cum-fitness lifestyle blogger.

In her Tiktok, Corazon agonizes that girls go to the gym because of the hunky gym instructors.

She captions the video, "When you realize other girls get to see him in the gym and he's probably their gym crush."

While Corazon expresses the hurt of such a thought, fans responded under the video saying they think she has gone back to Frankie.

yvanna_ene_lukas wrote ...Missing frankie we see

As nasra.khan added...Frank, you are being missed here.

Frankie has somewhat responded to her video with his own video telling a girl in the gym that if she wants it, he will get it.

He captioned, "Her: If you can do 1 pull up I'll give you the *"

Frankie added, "Don't challenge me"

The former couple broke up earlier this year. They did not have much drama about it, making people speculate that there is a chance for them to reunite.

She shared a black rose saying, "I’m single. I choose me. Life goes on."

Frankie reacted that "Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be".

Speaking to Word Is in May 2022, Frankie said he was not aware he was single. "Who said I'm single? I am in a relationship with God," he said.

On how he attracts women, Frankie said, "I am different and that attracts people to me.

"I still have a relationship with Corazon, no one walked out. I talk to her quite often and she is doing very well."

In spite of this, Corazon and Frankie are successfully co-parenting and she praised the baby daddy as being a present dad.

"Cheers to supporting fathers," she wrote.

"Us moms can't even be able to take such breaks if we didn't have dads willing to step up no matter the situation. Frankie Kiarie, I appreciate you."


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