The betrayals I've gone through could easily break anyone-Michele Ntalami

Marini Natural CEO Michelle Ntalami has words of advice about work and friendships

• Michele will no longer be dishing out love, and friendship recklessly

•"My intention is never to intimidate anyone with my aura, personality, confidence, femininity, honesty."

MIchelle Ntalami
Image: Instagram

Marini Natural CEO, Michelle Ntalami, has opened up about learning to do things differently when friends turned against her.

Taking to her Instagram, Michelle had advice about how to deal with the end of friendships. Michelle shared a caption that spoke about staying in one's comfort zone or breaking away from the crowd and leveling up.

She later penned her experience saying,

"The betrayals I've gone through and continue to go through could easily break anyone. But I've worked so hard in my healing journey that my guard stays up now on both friendships and romantic relationships. FYI, this city will force you  to guard up!"

"No more dishing out love, friendships, and support to anyone recklessly. It has cost me too much. My motto is, scratch my back, and I will scratch yours. ride for me and I will ride for you. Ultimately so long as I know my conscience is clear I'm good with losing whichever connection. Absolutely  no one will make me feel guilty for my personality growth or success." Michelle added.

According to the vocal CEO, women tend to be their own worst enemies instead of elevating each other.

"I'm not ice cream. I'm not here to be liked by everyone. I'm here to live my highest God-given potential. If you also go through this alot, take it as a sign that you're on the right path. Don't you dare tone yourself down just to make others comfortable. Keep blinding them with your light. May the watchers keep watching and talking,  and the real ones keep elevating and winning with me." 

"Also women let's do better. I long for the day we will finally decide to do right by each other and stop being each others own worst enemy."

Michelle clarified her thoughts saying she wasn't seeking sympathy

"This is not a pity post. these are simply my facts and experiences."

Michelle added that  some people close to her have not been happy with her success and for that has taken a zero-tolerance policy against naysayers 

"I have realized the more I grow my company grows or my persona brand grows , the more I get a lot of people (especially women)  being cold, catty, or turning their backs against me.  And to my knowledge for no apparent reason. And worst still with no communication. Am I the only one who goes through this?"

"I've come to accept it as a cross I have to carry and I'm good with that. My intention is never to intimidate anyone with my aura, personality, confidence, femininity, honesty, business acumen or success, but really just to do me and love me, which I hope inspire someone else out there to be the same. These kinds of experiences have made me stiffen up a lot when it comes to female friendships which I am completely apprehensive about these days. I've also had to activate  bich mode to counter catty energy  which I have absolutely zero tolerance for."

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