Bahati angered by Diana Marua's expose on 'failed' marriage

Diana Marua exposes Bahati for failing to perform in the bedroom

•Diana says Bahati leaves the house early and arrives home very late.

•Diana and Bahati have two kids.

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati
Image: courtesy

Mathare North aspiring MP Bahati has told off his wife Diana Marua for exposing their bedroom 'secrets'.

The couple was playing a game on who knows each other better on Diana Marua's YouTube channel.

"Do I love quickies or do I love taking my time?" asked Diana

Bahati responded saying that his wife does not enjoy taking her time.

The mother of two defended herself saying that she only engages in quick intimacy sessions because that is what she can get for now.

"I do not love quickies. I only take that because hapo ndio life imetufikisha."

An agitated Bahati told off Diana for insinuating that he was failing in the bedroom.

"Will you tell everybody that I have no sexual prowess? You even want to tell the crew about our house secrets. Protect your marriage and be like the other women.

For the next 70 days, I will be campaigning so I will be tired. Most times I come home and you are already asleep you do not even have time to feed me.

All you ever complain about is bedroom matters."

To which Diana responded,

"Then be coming home early. Even now I am in a very bad state."

Just recently Tyler Mbaya has revealed when he moved in with Georgina he thought they would get intimate daily.

He was shocked to learn that kwa ground vitu ni different

“Most youngins come from teenagehood with all the energy. They think having sex is something that happens daily. I had too many expectations," says Baha.


“You shouldn’t expect sex so much, it is good to focus on some other things. It is better that way (not every day).

That is how I was given character development in my sex life”

As couples who are living together do you gerrit together?

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