• Kate posted the exclusive invite to L'Oréal's high tea launch party captioning it "another one" to signify a win of sorts

• Kate failed to attend Fenty's product launch and asked people to save their cents, two days after her line made a post about women supporting women.

Kate Actress
Kate Actress

I really must be watching a movie because this plot twist is beyond sick!

You honestly can not make this stuff up.

Cate Kamau, popularly referred to as Kate Actress just announced she would be attending L'Oreal Paris high tea launch event at Windsor Golf club and hotel Country Club. 

Kate posted a video of the elegant high tea invite from L'oreal Paris and captioned it, "another one." 

This comes barely a day after she announced she failed to attend the Fenty Beauty launch due to a conflict of interest.

In a tweet, she wrote, "Not me missing Fenty Launch because of conflict of interest. I mean, is House of Humba Cosmetics a joke to you?"


Adding, "Big dreams. Mark this tweet. #SaveYourCenty."

Kate recently launched her own beauty line dubbed, House of Humba Cosmetics which is currently all about lip care from lip scrubs to masks, lip balms, and exfoliating brushes.

Only like a quarter fraction of the products that Fenty Beauty offers so the conflict of interest narrative is a little shaky as well.

It is quite ironic as her lip care post two days ago made a heartfelt post with most of the ladies who were in attendance during the launch talking about women empowerment and there is enough room for everyone to shine.

Guess Riri must be a dude and we missed the memo huh?

The Instagram post read, "Women can support and they do support women! There is enough room for all of us to thrive. I am still so honoured to have my launch graced by these beautiful powerful women. Thank you so much, ladies."

Seeing as the post is in first person tense I would speculate Kate herself wrote it. 

On her Instagram face card post as she showed her L'oreal Paris look netizens shared their confusion over the media personalities stance.

Below are a few comments:

auma_ochenga: Sasa Fenty na L'Oreal kuna difference gani ( Honestly what is the difference between the two companies?)

iam_carolyne12: @auma_ochenga: asking the same question as well

carolinedxbfan: Nifundishe kunyamaza.... conflict... ama wacha tu ( teach me how to keep quiet, conflict? No, let me keep  quiet.)

atienoasin: Fenty/L'Oreal (hides face)

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