'I get stopped from using male washrooms for my cross-dressing' Kinuthia

Kelvin Kinuthia reveals the challenges he faces as a cross-dresser

•Kinuthia became famous after being accused by a male fan of eating his fare.

•Kinuthia said he identified a niche in the cross-dressing market.

Kelvin Kinuthia
Tikitok star Kelvin Kinuthia

Cross-dressing Tik Toker Kelvin Kinuthia has revealed he has on different occasions been denied entrance into male washrooms.

This is because many assume he is a woman thanks to his cross-dressing. Speaking during an interview with Diana Marua he shared

"I buy clothes to shoot videos from normal shops.

Why shouldn't I?

We had gone to village Market and I decided to go to the washrooms. I wanted to get into the male washrooms."


"As I wanted to enter, he told me to enter the ladies washrooms. My friend laughed and that is when the cleaner noticed that he had messed up.

I also have trouble with security check up points as most people assume that I am a lady. I am told to go the ladies line every time I queue on the male line.

One time I called a cab and the driver had to confirm that I am indeed the one."

Speaking on how he has gained followers, Kinuthia shared

"The first video I shot I had 3k followers but after I shared it I got 3K more followers hence rose to 6K followers.

My mum is the one who bought me my first Iphone so that I could shoot content."

He says the first time he applied makeup, he was approached by a make up artiste who paid him for the job."

Kinuthia says at first her extended family was not supportive of what he was doing.

"I get calls from my aunties saying that I am doing a good job. But initially they were against what I was doing."

He says although he faces all these challenges Kinuthia says he enjoys cross-dressing and creating content.

He however says he only wears makeup during events, or when shooting content, on normal days he is just Kinuthia.

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