Hawking to touting: Here are white people in Kenya doing unconventional jobs

4 White Kenyans who are turning heads with their talent

•White people have for a long time been considered conservative but that is slowly changing.

•These people dropped their careers to follow their passions while others followed love.

White people doing extra ordinary stuff in Kenya
White people doing extra ordinary stuff in Kenya

It's not everyday that we bump into a white person hawking food stuff on the streets.

But some mzungus have shown us that when you go to Rome you do what the Romans do.

1. Lucia Murotto

Lucia excited many when pictured emerged of her collecting fare from Kitengela commutters went viral.

Popularly referred to as the mzungu tout/conductor, Lucia Muroto was born and raised in Kenya by Italian parents and attended some of the most prestigious schools in Kenya.

“I went to Rusinga primary school in Nairobi, and then later joined st George’s Girls secondary. School life was good and I got an average of B plain in KCSE, then later studied pharmacy course at Amref,” she said during an interview with Mathree Magazine.

Lucia Murotto, a mother of one, revealed that she used to travel a lot using matatus while still in school and admired them but her parents were not for the idea of her becoming a conductor.

“At first they were not for it and did not like the idea but later realized it’s my passion and with time accepted.”

She went ahead to explain why she loves the job and she said:

“I love this job because I’m social and I meeting new people makes me happy.”

Mzungu makanga Lucy Morotto
Image: SDE

2. The Reverend dad

The former model was born in the UK where he lived until he decided to relocated to Kenya in in 2015.

Mlami Mwitu as he is known by his fans on TitTok, the reverend keeps us  entertained through his comic videos on social media.

He is a certified Psychology Counselor and also runs an organization that helps to empower the boy child.

The Reverend dad shoots his video in a Luhya accent.

The Kenyan tiktoker The Reverend Dad
Image: Instagram

3.Sylvia Bichanga 

Silvia caught the attention of many after photos of her hawking tea and mandazi in Kisumu  went viral.

Speaking about why she was hawking tea yet she could go back to the US and have a good life, she responded

“Life became so hard after we got married that we were forced to close down a computer shop where my husband (Koree Bichangi) used to work,” Bichanga said.

Bichanga said she came to Kenya through Conservative Christian Mission when her father was requested to minister to a church in Kisumu.

with her Kisumu based husband Koree Bichanga
Sylvia Bichanga with her Kisumu based husband Koree Bichanga

4. Pearl Lulu 

Pearl is famously known as Mzungu Mlunje.

She is a Mzungu comedian who was born in Kakamega. She is married to  a Luhya man.

Her mastery of the Luhya language is something to be amazed at.

She met the love of her life in 1997.

at Churchill show alongside her husband
Mzungu Mlunje at Churchill show alongside her husband
Image: Screenshot
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