• Heaven Bahati's condition got worse at night hence leading to the admission.

• Blood infection (sepsis) may progress to septic shock which in turn leads to severe organ problems and death.

with her daughter Heaven Bahati
Diana Marua with her daughter Heaven Bahati
Image: Instagram

Diana Marua has revealed how helpless she felt after receiving a call from Heaven Bahati's school informing her that her little girl was sick.

The mother of two says what they thought was a fever turned out to be something worse. Through her socials she posted,

"I thought my day was going normal yesterday until I received a call from HeavenBahati's school principal. She wanted me to pick her up from school for medical attention because her fever was high. Rushed her to hospital, she seemed to get better during the day."


"We went back home only for her to get worse at night. We then rushed to the hospital and what I thought was a mild infection turned out to be a high blood infection that could cause undesirable results if I ignored it for another hour."

Diana thanked the doctors and nurses for acting promptly in saving her daughter.

"I have never seen the doctor and nurses run up and down like yesterday just to stabilise her as fast as possible. I didn't know she was that bad. Big lesson learnt yesterday. I'll be sharing more. I'm happy she's better today....need to close my eyes Kidogo. We are in good hands."

the first-born daughter to Diana Marua and Bahati
Heaven Bahati the first-born daughter to Diana Marua and Bahati

According to Mayo Clinic, Sepsis (blood infection) is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs when the body's response to an infection damages its own tissues.

When the infection-fighting processes turn on the body, they cause organs to function poorly and abnormally.

Sepsis may progress to septic shock. This is a dramatic drop in blood pressure that can lead to severe organ problems and death.


While any type of infection — bacterial, viral or fungal — can lead to sepsis, infections that more commonly result in sepsis include infections of:

  • Lungs, such as pneumonia
  • Kidney, bladder and other parts of the urinary system
  • Digestive system
  • Bloodstream (bacteremia)
  • Catheter sites
  • Wounds or burns
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