• Amber Ray has some solid dating advice that she dispensed with no chills.

• She says dating a Mubaba is at one's own risk.

Socialite Amber Ray aka Faith makau
Amber Ray Socialite Amber Ray aka Faith makau

Socialite Amber Ray is inching closer to hitting 2 million followers. And those followers always wake up to a surprise from the socialite.

Whether it's dating advice to a confession about her love life, Amber drops some gems we all enjoy. Today morning, she penned a note that all girls need to read as they date Wababas.

She advised that those rich men don't want to enrich you by getting you a job because you would get better and disappear.

"I don’t know who needs to hear this but your rich boyfriend will never get you a job because he knows it's your poverty that is keeping you together."

One fan responded that they think Amber is the Amerix of women.

In a separate message, Amber added that if you think you are not loved, more is coming. She laughed sardonically saying, "To anybody feeling unloved today, hiyo ni kionjo tu utaona mengi."

She has meanwhile been keeping us entertained showing us she is the true soft life ambassador.

Amber Ray was recently in Dubai and didn't give us space to breath. She ensured she took us through her trip from JKIA to boarding business class, sipping on the most expensive alcohol.

Amber described the vacay as a beautiful experience.

"Kama kuna one thing I’ve learned from this Dubai trip is that Pesa ni mzuri 🙌🏼 so please Anything involving making money, even if it's 3am in the night,please wake me up"

Amber's journey to a life of luxury had some tough periods in her past.

In a recent interview with Obinna, she revealed that she used to work as a waitress back in the day and her first salary was Sh13,000.

"I come from a humble background, grew up with a lot of struggles," she said.

Amber said at one point she couldn't afford a plate of chips and a quarter piece of chicken. She said getting the job allowed her to satisfy her craving.

"I would pass by some joints downtown after I get my salary. I no longer fancy chicken and chips," she said.

Amber said thanks to her work ethic, she made more money from tips than she got as salary.

"I used to work extremely hard that I managed to save my salary and pay all my bills with the money I got from my customers for good services," she said.

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