Pritty Vishy comes clean on using Stivo Simple Boy to gain fame

Pritty Vishy confirms she used Stivo Simple Boy to become famous

• Pritty Vishy has moved on after the Wababa she was cheating with left her.

• Pritty Vishy and Stivo Simple Boy are still friends but what they have is a working relationship

Tiktoker Pritty Vishy a.k.a Purity Vishenwa
Tiktoker Pritty Vishy a.k.a Purity Vishenwa

Stivo Simple Boy's ex, Pritty Vishy, is one upset woman after a section of netizens accused her of riding on Stivo's name to become famous.

The damsel took to her socials to warn those criticizing her saying that very soon they will be ashamed when she makes it.

”Why do you hate me?… Yes, level yangu haufiki. The house I am living in is not my house. It is my grandmother's house and I will live in it till I’m blessed.  I’m a girl with a big God. And I will ashame all of you. Stupid people. I don’t care.


¨And for those people saying I used Stivo so that I could make it, Yes I did so what? What will you do? Nothing." She boasted.

Speaking in a past interview with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, Stivo revealed that he has moved on after their breakup and was looking for someone with qualities that apparently his ex Vishy lacked.

“I am not looking for beauty or makeup I go for a humble woman with good character and a loyal one. I am ready to settle but with the right person,” said Stivo.

Stivo revealed that he was no longer attracted to his voluptuous ex saying she is no longer his type.

I am not attracted to her anymore. We broke up because of her bad manners. She was not loyal and had an attitude. She is no longer my type.”

He says one of the reasons why the two broke up was because at times Vishy was not obedient and sometimes chose to take their issues online instead of having a discussion and solving them amicably.

Stivo's relationship went all up in smoke when he was spotted with Mombasa-based musician, Adasa.

However, Stivo has clarified that there was nothing between the two artists insisting that their relationship is purely business-related. He says he is single and ready to love again.

“I need to make this clear. I am not dating and have never dated Adasa. We were just working on a collabo.”

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