Jalang'o employee now demanding Sh5 million from Sauti Sol

Morrison Litiema reveals where viral photo shared by Bien was taken at

• Morrison Litiema says the Sh 5 million will be compensation for the trolling and the mental anguish caused by the photo going viral.

• Litiema is comedian Jalang'o's gardener.

Bien Barasa
Image: Instagram

Jalang'o's gardener, Morrison Litiema is demanding Sh5 million from Sauti Sol after Bien used his photo during his online war with Azimio.

Bien had taken to his social media to post a meme of a man who is in a bedsitter with the caption;

"I am unsubscribing @Sautisol chilling in the crib."

Litiema came out claiming to be the man in the photo. Reacting to the photo, Litiema said he was going through mental anguish over trolling from the public after the photo went viral.

“To my dear brother, Bien, it was out of order to use my image without my consent. I have received negative criticism from different persons claiming that I don’t support local artists. Let it be known that I have never unsubscribed or unfollowed your YouTube or any social media account,” Litiema said.

Sharing where the photo originated from during an interview with Jalang'o Litiema shared,

"That photo was taken in 2015, That day I had gone to a mjengo job to no avail. There were no vacancies, so we went home and I relaxed when the photo was taken. At the time I was not married."


"When he posted the photo he insinuated that the people who unsubscribed from their channel were living such a life. I have never unfollowed nor unsubscribed from their channel. I have followed him since 2015."

He then revealed the huge amount he wanted for all the emotional damage he had suffered.

"The people are abusing me hence it is causing emotional damage. The photo is humiliating me. I just want them to call me so that we can talk, I demand an apology and compensation of Sh5 million. That will be for using my image without my consent and for the trolling I have gone through. I won't stop listening to Sauti Sol."

Bien has since pulled down the photo, he hasn't yet offered Litiema an apology.

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