• Black Cinderella is unhappy with the way society has been encouraging young girls to deal with 'Wababas'.

• The former Nairobi Diaries actress is concerned that many of the young adults are dying before the age of 25

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This week, socialite Maureen Imbayi aka Black Cinderella had some words of wisdom for her thousands of fans as far as dating Wababas goes.

The voluptuous Mbaitu FM radio presenter started out by saying that she knew the power and influence her position as a celeb gave her. She then urged society not to lead young ladies down the wrong path.

"There is nothing like mubabaz. If you believe that success comes from between the legs be ready for serious consequences and a lifetime of shame and regret you will never be able to reverse."

Black Cinderella's post
Image: Instagram

She then warned Kenyans not to give slay queens who are influencing their kids the time of day.

"If your child's role model is the woman with the big backside seated on the camera narrating how much she made last night with an ancestor," read her post in part.

She then went on to say that it was society's duty to mentor the children and asked whether Kenyans wanted their young relatives living with HIV/AIDS?

Black Cinderella's post
Image: Instagram

It seems that the former Nairobi Diaries actress has had a change of heart considering that last month she urged men to sell their kidneys so they could maintain their women.

"You are sleeping comfortably with your two kidneys and yet your girlfriend doesn't have iPhone 13pro max??? Shame on you. Heartless person," she wrote.


"Two Kidneys for what?? Wait oo, kidney that you will waste with alcohol. sell it my brother and change your woman's life.  Don't be stingy. Kujeni mnitusi, (bring forth your insults).

As for me, I will marry a boyfriend that will sell his liver and buy me cooking oil. the country is hard right now. After all, when God removed one of your ribs to create me you did not die." she finished.

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