• Brendah Jons said that she has been away from posting new content because she was robbed.

• The comedian has revealed that her happy day became a sad one for her.

Brendah Jons smiling
Image: Instagram

Content creator, Brenda Gathoni (Brendah Jons) known for the character Mama Kingston, has said that she was robbed on her birthday.

She made a post on her Instagram page a few days after her birthday saying that she is back and will make new posts soon. On why she was away, Brenda said that her phone was stolen during her birthday celebration.

She assured her fans that she is doing well despite being robbed. In her words, she was asking her fans to be patient since she is still not able to air any new content.

Her special day had turned out to be a nightmare. According to the content creator, she was away due to a lack of a cell phone.

Brendah Jons posted a cute photo of her in a cap sleeve backless thigh-high slit bodycon maxi long dress. This was probably from her birthday after-party photoshoot. She captioned the photo.

"Hi my loves, I got robbed on my birthday and I lost my phone but I am safe. I will be back soonest..... thanks  @ramangozi for making me get access to my account. More love to y'all."

The Kenyan Youtuber a while back came out as gay, and in her comments section, a fan thought of this as the reason why she got robbed. 

Other fans commented to express how sorry they felt for her. They said they had noticed that all was not okay with her because it is unlike her to stay so long without sharing a new post.

"Who else had a feeling everything ain't okay with her... sorry baby girl," a fan commented.

"Pole dear... What a sour experience on a happy day... Angalia vizuri ni huyo phy Lamar amekufanyia hiyo kitu (take a keen look on the matter, it is Phy Lamar who robbed you)," another fan commented.

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