• In layman’s language, a slay queen is a woman who wants to grab the attention of everyone with their sassy looks

• Their outstanding beauty says it all

type of shoes
Slay queen type of shoes
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Nairobi slays queens are known for demanding the best from expensive alcohol to the latest phones. 

These are the most common characteristics that can well define a Kenyan slay queen.

      1. Money is everything

Slay queens are the type of ladies that would want to spend their entire life creating an impression that they are the most beautiful and sophisticated.

A lady who chooses to eat at expensive hotels and only hooks up with moneyed people. Classifying themselves in a higher class than anyone else.

She visits cool classy places known to be for ‘the rich like Muthaiga and Kitisuru, Kibra and Dandora ni wewe.

      2. Plans on never getting married

They have no desire to get tied down in matrimony. If and when they feel the need to then they will but it is not in their books. It is not like back in the days when every girl's goal included a white wedding dress, babies and a picket fence.

       3. Faking it all

Fake it till you make it has become common among slay queens. They paint a rosy life, take photos of inexpensive whips that belong to a 'mubaba', but their caption will always read, "Relaxing in my new Jeep." 

       4. Her beauty is always flawless

A slay queen must have her make-up on at all times and always have to keep up with makeup and accessories trends. 


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