• KRG The Don insists that the Sailors' Gang were so rude to people and that is why they have no goodwill from the industry.

the Don posing in yellow jacket
Musician KRG the Don posing in yellow jacket
Image: Instagram

KRG the Don has come out to address the downfall of the Sailors Gang. This was after one of the members emotionally spoke out about the struggles they have been going through as Gengetone artists.

KRG posted in his Instagram stories a video of Coco Juma of the Sailors Gang member as he broke down in tears accusing the record label of killing their music career.

"Who can remember what I told these boyz, Sailors Gang!!!" his caption read.

KRG believes karma is catching up with Sailors Gang.

"I usually tell people facts but they hate listening to facts. I have seen Coco crying saying that he's been suffering in the industry. Hawa ni wale watu walikuwa wanasema ata watoe alphabet bado itahit (These are people who used to say no matter what song they release it will still hit). You can't be successful in one year then assume you'll never have to work again for the rest of your life. Having a hit song is not money, that is an illusion. You need to have respect."

The Don believes that because the group was so disrespectful, no one was willing to help them. He asks them to apologize to everyone whom they wronged.

"Ile heshima mlivunjia watu ndio maana sahii watu hawawezi washika mkono wala kuwasaidia (You showed no respect to people and that is my they cannot help you). You thought you were the Alpha and Omega of music. Rudini kwa wale watu wote mliwakosea and ask for forgiveness. (Go back to all those you offended and ask for forgiveness)," KRG advised.

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