•Kenyan singer Avril has revealed about how she feels whenever she gets on stage to perform. She said it is common f0r everyone to face stage fright.

Kenyan artist Avril

Kenyan musician Judith Nyambura popularly known as Avril has revealed that every time she gets on stage she gets anxious.

In an interview with Citizen Digital the 36-year-old mother of one said it is normal among artists to get stage frights any time they get to the stage to perform.

Adding that standing before a group of people gets most people shaking.

Avril believes that during performance artists should give all their energy, she says this is because the energy you give is the energy you get back from your fans.

"I get stage frights every single time. The butterflies get crazy because I usually don't know what to expect. I always believe that performances are about energy. The energy you give is the energy you get. There is always that balance you get," said Avril.

She explained, "Sometimes I always feel like I should take a sip of something before I get on stage but then getting on stage level-minded is what your fans would love. 

So all time I must always get those frights before getting on stage and on the stage."

Avril further disclosed that she has always aspired to work with global music icon Beyoncé, a desire which remains inextinguishable.

She added that she is the artist she would love to work with dead or alive.

"I have always had a dream of working with Beyoncé ever since and it still remains my dream. II literary had a dream of her calling me on stage Dead or alive, it is Beyoncé I wish to work with," Avril revealed. 

She also disclose her love for Nyashinski's music, which started way back to date. Avril said she admires rapper Nyashinski.

"I cannot really say that Nyashinski is my crush but I so much love his hard work, I love his music," Avril revealed

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