• Bree said she agreed to fake the pregnancy because she needed the money to help with her finances at home.

• Bree said she decided to come out and tell the truth as she felt guilty

she was expecting Miracle Bbay's child
Brenda Wairimu who lied she was expecting Miracle Bbay's child
Image: Courtesy

Sailor's Gang member, Peter Mwangi, popularly known by his stage name Miracle Baby has been making a whole lot of headlines these past few weeks.

From being accused of failing to provide child support, to being critically ill and Kenyans assuming it is a publicity stunt.

Together with his girlfriend, they dropped a music video with the artist wearing hospital clothes roughly a week after it was said he had been admitted.

Besides all that, a few weeks ago, a lady going by the name Brenda Wambui referred to as Bree came out to claim that she was 7 months pregnant with the artist's child.

The lady recently came out in a YouTube interview to set the record straight.

She confirmed that she had been lying all along and was not anywhere close to being pregnant leave alone carrying Miracle Baby's child. On the baby bump, she confirmed that she had stuffed clothes inside her dress so as to appear pregnant.

The lady went on to reveal that she had been paid a mere Ksh 3500, to lie that the gengetone artist had impregnated her.

"It was not a lot of money but I had to take it and sell the lie because there are things I wanted to do at home," the young lady revealed.

She added that she was truly sorry and asked for forgiveness from Miracle Baby and his girlfriend, Carol Katrue.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, Miracle Baby's base who is a Mugithii artist revealed that they would be taking legal action against the people who had orchestrated the drama as it had cost them a great deal of loss.

"I was so upset because I don't like being treated like a fool. In the morning, I got a lot of DM's from people telling me I am trending online and I was wondering what have I done now? When I looked I found out it was that lady and I was so mad because she made us lose a half-million deal. Peter was to be given a deal but then it couldn't go on because of the drama around his name," Carol said voicing out her anger and disappointment.

She added that although she had forgiven them, that did not mean they would get the deal they had lost back and that is why she was intent on pressing charges.

Carol had tried telling Kenyans that the said lady,  had been lying all along but nobody really paid her any attention as it just seemed she was trying to save face and protect her boyfriend's name.

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