• Gunna was arrested on RICO charges alongside Young Thug and other members of their gang

• Gunna was wearing a black hoodie from LaRopa when he turned himself in

American rapper Gunna
Image: Instagram

When the wise men said 'one man's trash is another man's treasure,' they really were up to something.

American rapper Gunna may be in big trouble but his bad tidings are bringing a whole lot of good tidings to some people.

The artist together with fellow rapper Young Thug and a couple of their gang members were arrested ( well Gunna turned himself in, a good decision on his part)  and charged with RICO charges in Futon county.

On his arrest, his mug shot started circulating online, and although it appeared a little blurry, internet sleuths were quick to analyze it not missing even a thread from the picture.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice the logo on the hoodie that Gunna was wearing when he got arrested, the artist donned a black LaRopa hoodie.

And as crazy as it sounds, fans flocked the apparel website looking for the hoodies in order to have a fashion piece identical to their favourite artist's.

The artist does not even have a stake in the company and neither was he trying to market it, he just happened to have been wearing that fit when his mug shot was being taken. Guess it was the company's lucky day.

The company reported that its sales had gone up by a 24%  increase as compared to normal days.

And on people who are benefiting without even trying, the police are always counting their luck as they resulted to use Gunna's own lyrics in his music videos against him

 Apparently, the musician had been setting himself up all along by rapping about instances in his life.

However, his lawyers still maintain his innocence pointing out that the police are struggling to break a case that is not thereby using the rappers' lyrics against him while bringing out things that he has done for the community.

For example; did you know that apparently, he feeds about 400 students weekly?

This will not be the first time a musician's art has been used against him though.

Prosecutors are doing the same thing with Young Thug and actually did it to Bobby Shmurda and his crew.

They were arrested on weapons and conspiracy it was reported that lyrics from his song 'Hot N***a' would be cited as evidence.

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