• Dissecting the notion that once you buy engage a prostitute there's no turning back.
• Kenyans say 'once a lion tastes blood it will never stop' 

in Nairobi city is common
Prostitution in Nairobi city is common
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During one of my many trips on social media, I came across a tweet of one Kenyan highlighting how hard it is for men to ditch prostitution once they dip their feet into those dangerous waters.

The Twitter user who might have been speaking from experience asked why it is so much hard to stop paying for s*x from the women of the night once you choose that path.

His tweet had garnered loads of reactions from both men and women, all coming up with different theories on the science or beliefs behind it.

One Twitter user in the replies even went ahead to liken it to tasting a single grain of sugar, saying once you taste it, it will drive you to wanting more.

The more I tried to wrap my head around the whole theory and conspiracy, the harder my head pounded. So I decided to share the headache with Mpasho readers to try and get some answers.

Below are the reactions we got with some people trying to simplify the logic behind the addiction.

Rose Wangui: "Umalaya ni ngumu kuacha..na ukilala na mwanamke malaya hata wewe ni kama yeye. Wanaume wengi hujaribu kutoka lakini wanashidwa..Hiyo roho ikishakuingia ni mbaya sana na inakutuma kwa kaburi ungali mchanga."

Musa: "Kaa umezoea kula tumbukiza alafu upewe kuku marinated hutawai kula tumbukiza tena."

Nelly Mwangangi: "Usherati ni kitu mbaya sana."

Fred Smath: "That is a myth. Nothing is permanent."

Thee skushie: "Mambo ya sehemu telezi...Haina come back"

Mjombaa: "Once a man starts eating 'escorts' its very hard mtu aturn kuhave a relationship nikama mtu ameanza fegi."

Hottwerker: "Once a lion tastes blood it will never stop."

Duncan Ogembo: "Msiwazoeee jamani."

Laughout: "Ata Mimi nimetoka kushughulikiwa na mmoja Sahi....it's a calling."

Izack: "Tasting a single grain of sugar will drive you to wanting more."

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