• Nimo and Mr Seed have some fun facts to ask each other 

• Mr Seeds  confesses that  his nickname before meeting Nimo was 'Lil Mo'

Singer Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri are serving couple goals to their fans.

The two have in their latest youtube video disclosed some pretty interesting facts that they know about each other.

In the video dubbed Fun game, Nimo asked Seed if he knows her primary and high school nicknames, something he did not know. 

Nimo asked Mr Seed whether he was aware on the number of exes she has.

He stopped and contemplates it before answering '3'. 

Nimo softly agreed with his answer,  "hehehe umpepata aje hio?'

Nimo said that she thinks Mr Seed loves her food the most. The singer rejected her answer and reminded her that it's been long since she cooked. 

"I don't know if the food is still the same, the way I used to cook for you."

Other questions they have is the names of some of their siblings, what she spends money on the most, his first phone, the name of his high school principal. 

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