• Willy Paul has called out promoters who looked down upon him.

• Willy Paul says he is capable of pulling crowds just like Sauti Sol and Nyashinski. 

set to host solo concert
Willy Paul set to host solo concert
Image: Instagram

Willy Paul is more than confident that he can sell out a solo concert and leave Kenyans craving for more.

The gospel-turned-secular artist wants to emulate the legendary Sauti Sol and Nyashinski who have been praised for selling out Kenyan shows without any headliners or international acts.

Pozze, as he is fondly known, announced his intentions to hold a mega solo concert as a way of proving his doubters wrong.

Sharing a video from one of his past performances, Pozze called out promoters who he claims made his career unbearable.

"Are you ready?? Watch this throwback. To all promoters who made my career hard, I have one more thing, just one!! You said only Sauti Sol and Nyash can sell out gigs right?? Sawa I will sell out and kill the show. Watch the space I got the Kenyan flag up," he wrote. 

I believe Pozze is a talented musician with a colorful catalogue, enough to keep Kenyans singing and vibing for hours and he should go for it solo.

We asked Mpasho readers whether they believe the 'I do' crooner has the capability to pull crowds and whether they would attend a Willy Paul only show.

Check out some of the reactions we received.

Chanel Pichu: "I watched your show the other day you killed it the sound was another level it was classic show keep going don’t look back."

Maggie Tashville: "Why even call him seasoned !!!! He is a kenyan legend ofcourse I would!"

Dottie twodet: "I'd buy a ticket at any cost. Dude has talent that's why people don't like him."

Mkasi Mellisa: "Yes. The guy got talent"

Ker: "Wakiwa na simple boy akiwa solo zii."

Miss Mugo: "Labda ikiwa free."

Kala Kennedy: "The agenda against pozee is too much.. Manz Talented and one of the best performers in the EA."

Deon: "Me bora adance zile moves zake za shingo ndio nitaenda."

DJ Heavy dru: "I would.Willy Paul is talented"

Kamau Greg: "Ngumu."

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